Yunnan Quark Decoration Design Co., Ltd. is a professional organization focusing on interior design and supporting decoration. Since its establishment in 2015, the company has been adhering to the ultimate goal of satisfying or exceeding customer expectations, adhering to the spirit of breakthrough, creativity, style and careful professional design, devoted to the development of model rooms, villas, high-end clubs, restaurants, clubs, SPA spa, high-end hotels and office building interior environment design. The company has gathered a group of young people who love design to form a design team, and has undertaken and completed a number of excellent large-scale interior decoration engineering design. By providing high-quality and professional design services, the company has created a good brand image in the field of interior architectural design and won a large number of loyal customers. And with major enterprises to maintain long-term cooperative relations. The company's business covers the southwest region, and has made achievements in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi and other major cities.
     "Creative breakthrough, international fashion, unique style, people-oriented" is the design concept of Yunnan Quark Decoration Design Co., Ltd. "As a designer, our mission and goal is to keep abreast of the trend, adhere to the belief in beauty, and use innovative ideas to change the world. Provide the most comprehensive professional advice for the owners. In my view, the definition of success is to do well in every work, according to the nature of the use of buildings, the environment and the corresponding standards, the use of material and technical means and architectural design principles, to create a reasonable, comfortable and beautiful indoor environment to meet people's material and spiritual needs.

      云南夸克装饰 设计有限公司,是一家专注于室内设计及配套装饰的专业机构。自2015年公司成立以来,一直秉持以满足或超越客户期望为公司的终极目标,秉承突破、创意、风格、细心的专业设计精神,致力于发展样板房、别墅、高档会所、餐饮、俱乐部、SPA水疗、高级酒店及办公楼的室内环境设计。公司聚集了一群热爱设计的年轻人组成设计团队,承接和完成了多项优秀的大型室内装饰工程设计,通过提供优质而专业的设计服务,塑造了良好的室内建筑设计领域的品牌形象,赢得了一大批忠实的客户。并与各大企业保持长期合作关系。公司业务遍及西南地区,在四川、云南、贵州、广西等大城市均有建树。